White Magic Samoyeds

No matter how little money you have and how few possessions you own, having a samoyed makes you rich

Int and BIS Ch Yacker


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Breeding Information
Sire: Dam:
Born: October 06 2002 Gender: Male
Hip Cerf: HD A Eye Cerf: OK
Breeder: Owner:
Height: 58 cm Country: Denmark
Titles: DKCH, SFCH, INTCH, LUXCH, Uvv03, Euv03, Dkkrv03, DKKrv04, DKKrv05, DKKrv06, Kbhv04, Nordv04, Klbv03, Klbv04, Klbv05, Kbhv05v, Kbhv06, VV06, CA.CH, US.CH, KBHV08, VV08

None available.
Puppies Born
Yani Apr 2008