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Samoyeds are happy to live in an apartment.

About White Magic

Carrie Parma-Collier & White Magic Samoyeds

Hello there. Here is a little information about me and my love of the Samoyed. I have bred and shown Samoyeds since 1983 and live in Florida now since 2015. Prior to that I lived in Brookfield CT for almost 20 years with my husband Palmer Collier and our beautiful daughter Dana. We lived on a 25-mile lake called Candlewood Lake with a lovely view of the lake and our dogs swam in it and loved it too! Dana still lives in Brookfield CT and owns Magic Touch Grooming in Brookfield CT where she is available for grooming Samoyeds and all breeds. Dana also occasionally has puppies available.

I have always had only two Samoyeds living with me full time. How am I able to have puppies available or soon coming?

I have many other Samoyeds who are co-owned with me and have puppies and live in other states like CT, NY, MA, NJ, PA, IN, TX, CA and here in Sunny Florida. Thus, we may have a puppy very close to where you may live! I have wonderful relationships with these families and their Samoyeds, and they are all raised in a loving home, many with children and know where the couch and remote control is to Netflix Series and Animal Planet.

A Growing Love

My love for Samoyeds began as a child for I spent my younger years growing up on a farm in Maryland.

I attended dog shows with my parents Kathy & Joe Parma as they raised Old English Sheepdogs. My parent's kennel name was "Bobtail" Old English Sheepdogs. My mother was an excellent breeder and groomer and my father was a great professional handler and trainer. I learned very young how to groom, correctly breed, and show dogs. At the dog shows I was always attracted to the Samoyed and their beautiful smile, coats and charm.

In the early 80's I acquired my foundation bitch, Ch. Casablanca's Dash of Panache from Kennette Tabor, a Samoyed breeder from Chesapeake, VA. Kennette taught me many grooming tips and handling techniques that I have used all these years.

My passion sent me practically across the US via automobile to do my first breeding. My mission was to breed the perfect Samoyed. Who in their right mind drives days and days to make the perfect match? Some of us breeders do! I was barely legal age but I had a clear vision then and now. My passion to breed, show and develop the Samoyed breed by sharing and teaching continues to grow.

Cassi, my foundation bitch, was carefully bred to the top dogs in this country to produce the foundation of White Magic Samoyeds. Those dogs were Ch. Ice Way's Ice Breaker, Ch. Wolf River's Drumlin, Ch. Christori's Spendid Sparkler and Ch. Northwind's Rising Star. The dogs Cassi and her children produced are pictured throughout this new website. Enjoy and you will soon learn how I produced the dogs I have today!

Breeding and Showing since 1983

I have been breeding and showing Samoyeds for more than 40 years now. I was a Samoyed Club of America member from 1985 thru June 2017, so over 32 years of dedication! I have produced Best In Show, Best In Specialty, Westminster and Eukanuba Dog Show Winners along with many Multi Group Winning Samoyeds. I am rebuilding this website so that you may see where the Samoyeds I have produced came from through the years. Here you will see photos of each dog, their pedigrees a photo gallery and even video of many of the dogs that I can share with you.

If you have a Samoyed that is through White Magic and you would like to have your dogs information and history on my site, please send me an email with your information and your dogs photos and I will be glad to post his or her information. I don’t want to leave anyone out that wants to be a part of the White Magic History.

Professional Dog Groomer and Handler

I have been a professional dog groomer and owner/handler since the 80’s. I opened my first grooming shop called Magic Touch in Mount Airy MD in 1987. I opened a new Magic Touch in Danbury CT in 1996 and opened a new location in Brookfield CT in June of 2010. The new Magic Touch Grooming Shop is in 2,000 sq feet with 5 tubs and 6 grooming stations. I taught grooming and was consulting in the grooming and breeding industry. We moved directly across the street from Brookfield Animal Hospital at 328 Federal Rd, Brookfield, CT. I have since retired from the grooming business and my daughter Dana is now grooming and operating the Magic Touch Grooming business.

I have shown and handled many Samoyeds to their championships and I have also shown and completed the championships in the Dalmatian ring, Newfoundland, Siberian Husky, Briard, Cairn Terriers and other various dogs. I am retired from prof dog handling and grooming. I will continue to breed beautiful and healthy Samoyeds with all health clearances done until I can no longer do that and my dogs will continue to acquire their championships, but I will be hiring professional dog handlers to do this for White Magic Samoyeds.

AKC Judging and Beyond

I will be applying for my judge’s license and look forward to helping local FL Kennel Clubs with Ring Stewarding and their dog shows. I am overqualified and have produced over 300 champions to date and more will be added to his number in the future!
I have been asked and have judged at The Northern California Samoyed Specialty Sweepstakes in 2008, The Samoyed Club of America National Dog Show Futurity Sweepstakes where I was VOTED by the membership to judge in Des Moines Iowa in 2014 and the prestigious Greenwich Kennel Club Working Group in CT 2013 and many other AKC Sanctioned Matches.

I look forward to at last writing my book about the Samoyed and the correlation between dog and human.

It's really exciting to see where I started and where I am today. I am grateful to my parents and my Samoyed friends and partners for their help and friendship in this wonderful experience. There are too many names to mention, but their names and dogs are listed on this website and I thank all of you who have touched my life.

My Ideal Samoyed

  • Breed Type - Bear heads, with beautiful smiles, long flowing tail that are gently over the back not too tight nor too loose. The length of back should be proportionate to the length of leg with a look that you feel is what the breed should represent. We all have our own picture on our minds what this Breed type should be, after viewing my pages and photos, you will see what White Magic Samoyeds Breed type is.
  • Sound - This means mechanically and anatomically put together correctly so they move in a single tracking motion, which when built correctly they move effortlessly. When they throw it in to sixth gear and over drive there is literally air in between the ground and their paws! This motion is done with little to no effort. It should take your breath away.
  • Coat - A Sammy's coat is white and many have a trace of biscuit on the tips of the ears and other areas of the body. This brilliant magical flowing coat of white radiance with beautiful silver tips that glisten in the sun is amazing. It should be a hard coat on the outside with a soft undercoat.
  • Gentle, Kind & Soulful - Warning: Samoyeds are not guard dogs! But excellent watch dogs. Samoyeds eat, sleep and breathe for children and are gentle to every living creature on earth including cats, other dogs and people from Birth to 92!

White Magic Around the World

White Magic Samoyeds have the status of many top winning dogs around the world.

We are as far away as:
  • Denmark
  • Japan
  • China
  • Korea
  • Germany
  • Brazil
  • Indonesia
  • Canada
  • Columbia

Here in the US we are throughout the US in most states now.

Don't be fooled if you read or encounter the White Magic Samoyed kennel name unless it's a direct connect to myself, Carrie Parma-Collier. If it's not posted on this website, planned, sanctioned, endorsed or authorized by myself, then it’s not a White Magic Samoyed. A breeding can be totally changed in just ONE generation. That’s all it takes to change the look, temperament and everything you want and see from this website.

So make sure you make the phone call to confirm the validity of a breeding you may be interested in. There are breeders I do work with and confirm the quality and excellence of their breeding programs, and there are also frauds. So always be sure who you are working with as there are MANY Scams on the internet now selling a dream and taking your money but not selling you a puppy.

A special thank you to Todd Carew for the Best Website in The Whole World!