White Magic Samoyeds

Samoyeds are hypo-allergenic.

Puppies on Planes

Puppies on planes are as safe as you or I flying. I have shipped dogs for more than 40 years now. I always try to ship direct non stop when flying puppies and adults. In my experience and opinion, my puppies are very comfortable and the new owners tell me that their new puppy has arrived happy and not at all stressed.

Due Dilligence

All puppies are flown with ice water, bedding and food attached to their crate. NO drugs Or tranquilizers are given as they are NOT needed. It is also dangerous to do so too. Shipping varies from airline to airline.

Shipping requires certain paperwork including a Health Certificate and if flying outside of the USA, an additional Health Certificate stamped by the USDA. Some countries require a rabies vaccine given, and then 30 days must pass after the rabies vaccine until the USDA Health Certificate can be made and then the shipping process can be started. .


When shipping overseas an agent may be required to be hired making shipping very expensive. These costs have increased greatly over the past years, and I would expect just shipping alone to be more than $2000. This does not include the cost of your puppy or paperwork and boarding to hold your puppy until he or she is 4 to 5 months of age. If you are contacting me from another country outside of the US, please find out from your embassy or veterinarian what is needed from the US to ship a puppy to your country. Each country has different requirements.