White Magic Samoyeds

Samoyeds love children.

Recommended Products

#1 All Systems Comb

This is the best comb in the industry in my professional opinion as a Samoyed Breeder/Groomer and All Breed Groomer. I love this comb, and it's amazing for the price. This comb can be purchased online through Cherrybrook.com.

Chris Christensen Slicker Brush

A Slicker is not just a slicker!!! There is a huge difference in how you brush out your dog with an average pet store slicker and the Chris Christensen slicker.

This brush is gentle enough to use on your new puppy and tough and strong enough to last many years on your adults big coat. This brush cannot be touched by the competition. YES, it's an expensive slicker, BUT, worth every penny. This slicker can be purchased online through Cherrybrook.com.


This is the best way to keep your Samoyeds nails perfectly manicured! This should be done weekly until you and your new puppy are comfortable with doing this. If you hear clicking on your floors, your Samoyeds nails are too long. You can purchase electric or The new powerful battery operated very light Dremel from Home Depot, Lowes and even Walmart or Amazon! I use the medium grade sandpaper attachment. Watch my YouTube tutorial on how to Dremel your Samoyeds nails @thewhitemagicsamoyed on YouTube. Subscribe to our page where we share many tutorials on grooming and care of your Samoyed.


This is more of a personal preference, size, folding, airline, etc. Our dogs prefer the airline, because its more like a cave for them to rest in. But the new collapsible metal crates are great for traveling and for breaking down in the home. Female Samoyeds are comfortable in a 36" long crate and male Samoyeds are comfortable in 42" crates. If you would like a Suite for your Samoyed and have the space in your home a 48" crate is huge, but may make you more happy!

Crates are a MUST for the new puppy and for the safety of your new pet and the safety of your home. I can't tell you how many new puppy people have called me that their puppy just ate the new rug, and he's at the emergency room having it pulled out! Its much more expensive and life threatening than putting your puppy in a safe place.

You put your child in a baby crib where he or she is safe right? You hire a babysitter to watch them right? So why not place your new bundle of fur baby in a crate which is just like a crib for safe and secure reasons? Your new puppy is crying and is not happy? Didn't your baby cry too?

Love is not easy, but if you truly love your dog, its truly the right thing to do. Turn on some music, give a shank bone to chew on, turn on his personal floor fan and walk away. If he continues to bark, give us a call and we will walk you through other things you can do to make things right. My dogs prefer to be in the bedroom where they can see me at night and know that they are safe, but they learn to be comfortable very quickly wherever you train them to be.


As a professional Dog Groomer myself, this is the best home dryer on the market for the price. The other dryers in pet magazines for $200 to $300 cannot touch this dryer for quality and air volume. Like peas to grapefruits!! Don’t waste your time or money, as time IS money. Purchase a dryer that will do an excellent job keeping your Samoyed in beautiful condition yourself in the comfort of your own home.

The K-9 II is an excellent high power dryer. The K-9 III I recommend for the Professional groomer who has experience with the air volume and grooming Samoyeds or heavy coated dogs or animals.

You can order from me, as I am a distributor for the Electric Cleaner Company or go online to the Electric Cleaner Co. and find a dealer near you. Just shoot me a text at 203-312-4353 or a call to place your order. All we need is a credit card, the color and model of the II or III and your shipping address. It will arrive within 2 to 5 days.

They come in all color (Black, Metallic Purple, Blue and Forest Green, Red, Pink, Silver and Burgundy. The price of a K-9 II’s is $385.00 or the K-9 III is $430.00 delivered directly to your home, this price includes shipping.


I have been using Pedagree Grooming Shampoos for over 20 years now. This product is amazing and great for human hair too!

I have an all breed grooming shop and my customers love the way their dogs feel and smell. I used the pedigree PH Balanced Cleansing Shampoo, with a dash of Ivory around the Samoyeds ears and feet. When my show dogs need a whitening Treatment I use the Ultra Blue Shampoo. This shampoo rinses easily and the coat comes out clean and beautiful.

I then use the Crème Rinse and Detangler and add a dash of the Lanolin Treatment and Coat Conditioner with a splash of water and pour over the dogs main body and coat. I add extra conditioner around the ears, tail, fringing in the back of the front legs and hocks and fanny pants! Rinse really well and you have an amazing coat ready for the K-9 dryer to dry and do the final conditioning when brushing with the Chris Christensen slicker and doing your finish work with the #1 All Systems Comb.

Samoyed Puppy Calendar

We make a Samoyed puppy calendar each year. We sell out quickly, so don’t hesitate to make your order early. Contact Jerry Blank who is the professional photographer who shoots all of the photos and has this calendar published each year. He can be reached at jblank-44@att.net to order your Beautiful Samoyed Calendar. They are $14.95 plus Shipping.