White Magic Samoyeds

Samoyeds are happy wherever they go or live.

Owner Testimonials

Breeder, Handler, Groomer, and Friend

"We have had the pleasure of knowing Carrie as a breeder, handler, groomer and friend.

As a breeder - In the past we have owned two other Samoyeds from other breeders. We now have two White Magic Samoyeds. Carrie is the only breeder that has been available for any questions and follow-ups on the dogs. Both dogs have very good bone structure, coats, gait, etc. She goes above and beyond for her clients and dogs. Bolt is almost there in his points and Carrie will start the puppy showing soon. We have been very pleased with our White Magic Samoyeds.

As a handler- Carrie is fantastic!! Our two year old male is known as "Mr. Butthead" when he gets to shows. She has been fabulous in getting him to respond and win! He will only show for her. Even the dog respects her!

As a groomer - We have always had our samoyeds groomed at least every 5 weeks. With Carrie there has never been any surprises (liked shaved bellies, hot spots, etc.). We would highly recommend White Magic grooming for any dog!

As a friend - Carrie is always there for any questions! Text her, call the shop! She has the answers!"

With great respect!
Marcia and Richie Phelps

White Magic Champions

"Five years ago this month one of Carries White Magic Samoyed litters produced my Dazzzle. From there, she paved the way for me to breed. Therefore , fulfilling one of my dreams- - - - to have puppies.. She's the best groomer I've ever known , It's no wonder she grooms and handles so many champions.. She's been my teacher , my advisor , and most of all my friend.."

Marsha Angelillo

The Best Samoyeds

Hello Carrie,

"I just wanted to tell you that you breed the best Samoyeds. I have two now and both are beautiful dogs. Jake (GCH White Magic's Court Jester) is a great show dog and a better family member. He wins consistently but it's his temperament that gets raves from our friends. He is gentle but very active, playful and healthy. Sephira (White Magic's Soaring New Heights) has produced three litters of beautiful puppies but is also a great show dog and loving friend. I am sure that many of her puppies will go on to become champions. She is also gentle but very active and healthy. Both dogs are the best companions I could every want. Thanks."

Kindest regards,

John Morgan
Proud parent of Jake and Sephira

A Truly Superior Breeder - The Best in the Land

"We have been dog owners for nearly all of our married life (48 years!), and have enjoyed several different breeds. In 1982, we purchased our first Samoyed from a local breeder here in SE Connecticut. We had Nikki (St. Nicholas) for 15+ years before he developed cancer and had to be euthanized. After a few months without a warm, furry friend around our house, we came across Carrie's name in a Dog Fancy magazine (see, advertising does work!), and were intrigued by the ad. We contacted Carrie and arranged to meet her at a show in Sturbridge, MA in November, 1997.

We met several of her dogs, saw her "in action," and knew then and there that we wanted one of her dogs. We were amazed at the intensity of the screening process she used for prospective owners and worried that we might not "qualify" to own one of her dogs. Apparently we passed muster and in March, 1998 we picked up Gus (St. Augustine). Gus was sired by CH White Magic's Shanticlaire, and while we had originally intended to get involved in showing Gus, professional commitments prevented it and Gus has remained a true house pet.

It was our intention to get a second Samoyed from Carrie, but when our son and daughter-in-law were transferred to Germany with the U.S. Air Force, they asked us to take care of their American Eskimo for the three years they would be out of the country. Right! We gladly assumed care for their dog, but three years later, Gus and Zeke had become such close friends that we kept Zeke and got them a new puppy.

It worked out well for everyone and when Zeke passed in 2007, we again contacted Carrie and picked up Tommie (St. Thomas). From his very first day with us, Tommie has been the most loving puppy. To this day, if we have overnight guests stay at the house, Tommie will lie outside their bedroom door and wait for them to get up in the morning. When either of us comes in the house, he immediately stands on his hind legs, places his front paws on our shoulders and welcomes us with a barrage of wet sloppy kisses - a habit we haven't broken him of, because we probably enjoy it more than he does.

In February of 2009, knowing that Gus was getting older and not wanting Tommie to be left alone should Gus suddenly pass, we were again in contact with Carrie and purchased Bennie (St. Benedict). Bennie is noticably smaller than our other two, but a terrific dog in his own right, and all three boys get along beautifully.

Our friends look at us like we're crazy for having three "such big" dogs who "must require so much care," and they might be right, but we love our dogs. Everywhere we go in town, we hear people say, "Oh, you're the ones walking those 3 beautiful huskies," so we have hundreds of "teaching moments" with our little guys where we get to spread the story of White Magic Samoyeds.

Through all of this, Carrie has been our source of information, support and encouragement. Her abundant knowledge and experience make her a truly superior breeder and her White Magic Kennel Samoyeds the best in the land."

Pat & Jerry Shaw
East Lyme, CT